The Resentinel is a bitter resource by a divorcée and a gay. With all the bitter resentment that naturally comes to both divorcées and gays, they decided that misery loves company and they’re therefore taking the ship down with them.

Bitter eCards, bitchy ecards, bitter Valentines, divorcee and a gayDivorcée Bio
This divorcée is a bitter betch from Brooklyn, who’s not actually originally from Brooklyn and doesn’t live there now either. She did, however, spend several years as a Park Slope housewife, though for most of those she was actually living in sin and also was the primary breadwinner and therefore not really a housewife. The important thing is, she did marry and then quickly divorce, leaving her with the kind of bitterness required here at the Resentinel.


Bitter eCards, bitchy ecards, bitter Valentines, divorcee and a gayGay Bio
Raised by your typical dysfunctional New York Italian family, this naturally led to parents divorcing before this gay could even remember. After the divorce, he was raised mostly by his Brooklynese grandma, showing him the ropes of bitter resentment. This set the backdrop for this bitter queen’s life. Fueled by his innate sense of jade, a comment made one Valentine’s day led to a discussion of making these bitter memes and Valentines come to life …and here we are today. Enjoy! Or don’t, we don’t give a damn.